About Us

Our Photo booth is different from other booths. Not only can you get more people in a photo without squishing into a tiny booth, the camera is an 18mp camera. It takes crystal clear photos and prints them in 30 seconds. They come out looking like they just came out of the dark room. Pristine. Because the camera is high quality, the photos save in high quality form. At the end of the event Aimee puts ALL of the photos, Photo booth form and the originals, on a flash drive.

The original prints have the ability to blow up to 20x30 without pixelating. On top of all of this quality and service Aimee decided she wanted to be even more unique from the other photo booths in the area so she added the copyright release in PDF on the flash drive so you can do whatever you want with those prints later. They are all yours as they should be.

Want to see what comes in the packages CLICK HERE.

We come and interact with your guests. If they don't know how to pose we give them ideas, we push the button for you and count down so your guests can concentrate on posing instead of how much time is left. We are also there the entire time to print extra copies of the picture because this is your gift to your guests so EVERYONE in the picture will get a copy of every picture they are in.
If there is a paper jam or the paper and ink needs changing we are right there to take care of it on the spot so you and your guests don't have to wait long for the change.

Aimee gives 100% with every event to make sure your special event is perfect. To do this she works with you one on one. You're special day as important to her as it is to you and it shows in her work. Want to hear what others who have hired her have said? CLICK HERE.