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Easily fit up to 15 people in a photo!

Our booth is not the kind of booth you and a friend climb into to take photos. Our booth is an "Open Air" tower that we can place anywhere enabling us to get photos of large groups of people without squishing into a tiny booth or behind a curtain. 

Our high quality photos are so crystal clear and they print in 30 seconds looking like they just came out of the dark room.  At the end of your event we give you a flash drive with all of your photos in both the photo booth form AND the original form that will easily blow up to 20x30. We also go one step further and GIVE YOU THE COPYRIGHT RELEASE in a PDF on the flash drive so you can do whatever you want with the photos. Other photographers charge you approx $45 each photo for the copyright, when we are taking hundreds of photos you can see the value if you add that cost up.

After you take your 3 photos our booth cheers for you and your guests. 

Our Fantastic service topped with the best quality photos make your experience with our photo booth unbeatable.

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Picture Me Perfect Photobooth